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As shown in the Demonstration site, after a signature operation is just started, a loading indicator is shown, and after the signature procedure is completed, the document status is updated to "Signed" (for both individual and bulk signature).

For setting up this in your website with individual signature, you can follow these steps. From JavaScript:

  1. After the bsign hyperlink is clicked start polling the server asking whether the signed document has been already uploaded by Blobfish Signer.
  2. Display a progress indicator to the user so he knows that the document is awaiting the signature procedure to be completed.
  3. If the poller script reports that the signed document has been already uploaded, stop polling to the server and remove the progress indicator.
  4. Finally, update the view to reflect the new "Signed" status for the current document.

You can check out the source code of Ajax refresh for both individual and bulk signature made with jQuery in /src/main/webapp/index.jsp in, see Downloads.

It is important to remember that this Ajax refresh depends on JavaScript, so, if the user disables JavaScript in his browser it won't work.

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