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PDF visual signatures are supported for both individual signature and bulk signature by receiving all the visual signature required parameters (five as explained later) from the web application that invokes Blobfish Signer. The existence of these parameters is entirely optional, i.e. if they are omitted, Blobfish Signer will generate invisible signatures.

Visual signature configuration is currently unsupported directly from the Blobfish Signer application. As previously indicated, the associated parameters have to be provided by the web application.

  • Update "vis_sig_y" related documentation as its semantics are about to change in the 2.x releases.

Visual signature configuration for individual signature

First, take a look at Individual signature integration.

Basically, you need to provide the following highlighted five additional parameters.

<a href="bsign:?from=<downloadURL>&to=<uploadURL>&vis_sig_x=<location_from_left_border>&vis_sig_y=<location_from_top_border>&vis_sig_width=<visual_signature_rectangle_width>&vis_sig_height=<visual_signature_rectangle_height>&vis_sig_text=<text_to_be_displayed_in_the_visual_signature>">Sign</a>

The text to be displayed in the visual signature (vis_sig_text) supports some placeholders that will be replaced at runtime as follows:

An example hyperlink would be:

<a href="bsign:?">Sign</a>

Where vis_sig_text is the URL encoded (percent-encoded) representation for: 

Signed by: <SIGNER>
Date: <DATE>

Visual signature configuration for bulk signature

First, take a look at Bulk signature integration.

As in "Visual signature configuration for individual signature" there are five additional parameters which should appear in the following order:




And a sample CSV with two signing entries would be the following one:

signature_entries.csv,,sample_document_1.pdf,20,705,250,70,"Signed by: <SIGNER>
Date: <DATE>",,sample_document_2.pdf,290,705,250,70,"Signed by: <SIGNER>
Date: <DATE>"




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